Thomas J. Sandora

Narrative Report
As a pediatric infectious diseases subspecialist, my focus is hospital epidemiology and infection control.  My primary activity is leading hospital and national initiatives in infection control; I attend 6 weeks/year on the ID service; 15% of my time is spent in major educational roles; I am active in clinical research.
    Area of Excellence: Clinical Expertise and Innovation, in pediatric hospital epidemiology.  As the Hospital Epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, I have led important initiatives locally and nationally including implementing mandatory healthcare worker influenza vaccination (increasing rates to 98%) and doubling stethoscope disinfection rates by installing disinfection materials outside patient rooms.  I led a multicenter effort to create an isolation guideline for multidrug-resistant Gram negatives that was disseminated nationally and created a donor screening protocol for fecal microbiota transplantation for C. difficile infection that was shared with 20 U.S. children’s hospitals.  I chaired a national steering committee guiding pediatric infection control policy.  I was principal investigator for two seminal randomized trials demonstrating that hand sanitizer use reduces illness transmission and absenteeism among children at home and school.  I regularly present at national meetings and publish studies on hospital infection prevention. I am recognized nationally as a leading expert on pediatric C. difficile infection (CDI), as evidenced by my inclusion as a writing group member on the two major national CDI guidelines (IDSA-SHEA guideline and the SHEA Compendium), regular invitations to speak on CDI at national meetings, invitation to co-chair the CDI subgroup for a CDC-sponsored summit to develop a pediatric research agenda in infection prevention, and multiple published studies on CDI.  I wrote an invited Perspectives article for the New England Journal of Medicine on hospital outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
    Teaching and Educational Leadership: I am an Associate Program Director for the Boston Combined Residency in Pediatrics (BCRP) and a member of The Academy at HMS and the BCH Academy for Teaching and Educational Innovation and Scholarship.  My mentees have obtained grant funding for educational research and won national medical education awards.  For 13 years I led tutorials and lectured in the HMS Immunology, Microbiology, and Pathology course, four times earning Excellence in Tutoring Awards. I am a core faculty member for Collaborative Case-Based Learning sessions in Foundations (Microbiology). I also lecture in the Pediatrics core clerkship.  My teaching has been rewarded with the BCH Medical Student Teaching Award and the HMS Masland Award for Excellence in Teaching at BCH as well as recurrent selection to the BCRP Teaching Honor Roll.  I teach the pediatric infection control content annually at the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)-CDC course in healthcare epidemiology.  I have published education research covering procedural skills training for residents and ID fellowship education in healthcare epidemiology; the latter work informed the creation of a national infection control curriculum for ID fellowships. In 2018 I received the Award for Achievement in Education and Scholarship from the BCH Academy for Teaching and Educational Innovation and Scholarship, the highest award given by this medical education academy. 
Significant Supporting Activities: 1) Administration and institutional service, and 2) Investigation.  I serve as Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control at BCH, with responsibility for all infection control activities, and as Associate Program Director for the BCRP.  I am an active investigator in hospital epidemiology as outlined above.  In 2012 I received the SHEA Pediatric Investigator Award and in 2014 I was elected to the Society for Pediatric Research, in recognition of research accomplishment.
In summary, as a pediatric ID subspecialist with expertise in infection control and hospital epidemiology, I have demonstrated national leadership and have generated innovations and publications that have improved the safety of care in children’s hospitals in Boston and across the country.