Heiman Wertheim

Heiman Wertheim is a professor in clinical microbiology and heads the clinical microbiology department at Radboud University Medical Center and is chair of the Radboud Center of Infectious Diseases (RCI, www.radboudrci.nl). Heiman is board member for the Netherlands Society Medical Microbiology. Until 2015, Heiman was director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU, www.oucru.org) in Hanoi, Vietnam. He coordinated laboratory capacity strengthening and conducted research in Southeast Asia. He worked on a broad range of infectious disease issues, varying from zoonoses to hospital acquired infections. One of his main interests is antibiotic resistance in both resource rich and resource constrained settings and does this through a multidisciplinary approach: health systems, policy development, behavior, surveillance, prevention, genomics, and clinical trials. He supervised activities for the Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) in Vietnam, which did a situation analysis on antibiotic use and resistance. He received funding to set up a national AMR reference laboratory and to improve the governance structure of AMR in Vietnam. Recently he demonstrated that C-reactive protein point of care testing can bring down antibiotic use safely in primary health stations in Vietnam. Heiman is currently part of a WHO expert panel to develop a priority pathogens list (PPL) of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. In the region of Nijmegen he is active in the Gelderland Antibiotica Resistentie en Infectiepreventie Netwerk (GAIN). He is on the advisory board of RIVM/Cib (national Center for Infectious Disease Control).Andreas Voss, MD, PhD