Keita Morikane

Prof. Keita Morikane
Brief Biography

Dr. Keita Morikane is a Chief and Professor of Division of Clinical Laboratory and Infection Control, Yamagata University Hospital, Yamagata, Japan. He graduated from University of Tokyo, School of Medicinein March 1989. He received his Ph. D from University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine in  1999.  He is a Board Certified Surgeon by Japan Surgical Society, a certified Infection Control Doctor by the Joint Commission of ICD, and a certified physician in perioperativeinfection control management.

He is currently serving as a Executive board member and a Chair of International Affairs Committee at Japan Society for Surgical Infection, and a board member and Chair of Educational Committee at Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control. He is also a board member at Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology, Japanese Association for Operative Medicine and Japanese Society of Infectious Diseases. He began his residency at Tokyo Teishin Hospital and persued his surgical career as a GI surgeon until 2003, when he moved into National Institute of Infectious Diseases. After five years of experience in public health and healthcare-associated infection, he moved to his current affiliation. He has authored or co-authored more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and made numerous presentations in various conferences in Japan as well as abroad.