Le Kien Ngai

In 2002, Doctor Ngai graduated from Master of Clinical Tropical Medicine (M.C.T.M) in Faculty of  Tropical Medicine - Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.  In 2016, He graduated  PhD on Clinical Epidemiology  from the  National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Dr. Ngai has many years of clinical experience practice  on the field of parasitic pathology, pediatric  infectious diseases  and  pediatric community.
Currently, Doctor Le Kien Ngai is the Head of the Vaccination Consultant and Immunization Center - Viet Nam National Children’s Hospital, a member of the  Technical Advisory Council on Infection Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health. Dr. Le Kien Ngai's current professional interest topic includes: hospital epidemiology and health care associated infection  surveillance; control of antibiotic resistant bacteria;  antibiotic use;  vaccination  and pediatric community.
Doctor Le Kien Ngai is the author of many scientific studies on parasitic pathology, hospital associated  infections, antibiotic resistance, antibiotic resistant bacteria and vaccination ...